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Compassionate Capitalism

As the world recovers from the 02009 recession, and considers the different forms of economics it can embrace, Earthbound Moon hopes to encourage people to imagine their future with the human community, not just the business community, in mind. This means when rebuilding thinking about parks and playgrounds; schools and health clinics; museums and performance spaces, as well as investment and employment.

To this end, Earthbound Moon creates publicly accessible sites for contemporary sculptures. These will be gathering places, sites of curiosity and engagement and wonder. They will not cure any town's problems, but they will function as a reminder, and a statement on a global scale, of the importance of building and rebuilding our communities for our creative, spiritual, artistic, romantic and leisure needs alongside our commercial and financial needs.

The sites will also attempt to return common spaces to communities. As a non-profit, what Earthbound Moon owns is actually legally owned by the communities we serve. Despite the litigious nature of the modern world, we intend to try and create common spaces, public spaces, environments to encourage and inspire community activity.

On the most personal level Earthbound Moon hopes to inspire those outsiders in a community who are intrigued by the arts. In every town there are those who do not belong, who are drawn to the absurd, escapist, dreamworld of art and performance. Perhaps once they would have been shamans. But today they are more often alienated. Providing even a glimmer of hope that there are others engaged in the bizarre and frivolous and idealistic is a goal of Earthbound Moon. We look to works like Chris Burden's Urban Light in Los Angeles as an inspiration. This contemporary sculpture is simply 202 light posts gathered together outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. But any time of year at any time of night, you will find people wandering through it, taking photos of each other or holding hands and staring into its artificial night light.

Unifying the World's Communities Through Art

Earthbound Moon sites will also function as sirens to tourists and travelers. They will draw the curious and creative to parts of the world generally far afield of the art centers. We take as guiding lights projects such as Sunderland, England's St Peter's Riverside Project , New Orleans, Louisiana's Sculpture for New Orleans , The John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park in Des Moines, Iowa and The Tenderloin National Forest in San Francisco, California, as art engaging community. Earthbound Moon does not propose to create individual parks on this scale in each town we engage with, but we do hope that our sites can serve similar purpose on a smaller scale locally, and a grander scale globally.

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