Welcome to the Earthbound Moon online site. Perhaps our least site specific work to date.

Coming up in 02018, we have a new artwork installing on a site in Lebanon, NH. The collaborative of Ulla Eriksen (DK) and Morten Ernlund Jorgensen (DK) are creating a lovely new work that will evolve over time there. Then in 02019, legendary artist William Leavitt will be installing a new work on our site in Moffat, CO. Sculpture Garden Earth is expanding!

Earlier this year, we launched &TRANGE, the &esite Temporary Residency And Noology Garden Eugene. As part of &TRANGE we are testing a new project entitled The Everyhuman Sculpture Garden. Our first four commissions for these projects are Alicia Rose Obermeyer, Giovanni Capozolli, Patricia Montoya Donohue, and Heidi Hove. More artists are being sought, so watch this space for updates.

Other 02018 projects include working with ArtCity Eugene to activate local parks. Watch for the Earthbound Speculations easel, canvases, and paints rolling into a park near you to help imagine what a a planetary sculpture garden might look like. We will be in Monroe Park on June 8, Maynard Park on June 15, Maury Jacobs Park on July 17, and Arrowhead Park on August 21.

We will also be participating in the ArtCity Eugene downtown Studio Without Walls events on July 20, August 17, and September 21, presenting a new project, as yet unnamed.

In December, or possibley January 02019, we will be particpating in the winter iteration of BRIDGE, presenting a work tentatively entitled I Would Paint The Moon For You.

Last year, we launched ESP, a program to continually engage our permanent sites with new artworks - transitory, social, conceptual, minuscule, and Earth works. Charlie Schneider, Nicole Seisler, and Joseph Cruz are the first commissioned artists for ESP. In September, we installed the first of Charlie's Pinhole Camera CCTV Security System on on our Moffat, CO site (above). We also collected Hand Pressed Souvenirs for Nicole's Hand Pressed Souvenir Project (below).

On the same adventure, we worked with Adams State University on their Mars Habitat project funded by the Colorado Space Grant Consortium, funded by NASA! That was astoundingly fun. We worked with the undergraduate sculpture class to create an interactive communication tower (below). This was the first prototype of an ongoing Communication Tower project, we hope.

In 02016, we launched RIME, a traveling exhibit exchange program for cultural institutions of all sizes (above). Our initial participants are the Russian River Historical Society; West Chicago City Museum; Main Street Museum in White River Junction, VT; No Show Museum in Zurich, Switzerland; and Museo dell’Informatica Funzionante in Palozzolo Acreide, Sicily, Italy.

Also in 02016, we curated 2 shows, gave multiple lectures, and had a solo show of the EbM archives: the archive of the past, the archive of the present, the archive of the future, and the archive of failure. Big thanks to TTU Landmark Arts and Ballroom Projects (below) for their faith and support.

Earthbound Moon, NFP (EbM) is an arts collaborative focused on terraforming Earth through the installation of contemporary artworks in disparate communities and on small parcels of surface area around the world. Each of our endeavors is united under the concept of a non-contiguous sculpture garden: a singular work of intergenerational and eventually interplanetary art whose global reach is made possible by a web of many smaller, community-oriented, site-specific projects. From micro to macro, our garden is a network of gathering places—sites of curiosity, engagement, and wonder operating on local, global, and ultimately intergalactic scales.